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   Streets of Bridgeton    


London Road at Queen Mary Street


Queen Mary Street school and St.Francis-in-the-East Church would be just along the street. Both buildings still exist (see QueenMary St.)

Opposite Queen Mary St on the London Road is Fordneuk Street.

Extract from e-mail;  May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson) June 2002,  Canada
"Corner of London Rd & Q.M.St, there was the usual pub, but I can't remember it's name. Next to the pub was a close with old rickety stairs, next to that was Grahams fruit shop {.A manque place even then }.Then a wee cheap clothes shop and a wee paper shop called McAuslands. That's all I can remember, but sometimes our memory isn't as good as we think. Where the van is parked at the other corner was a dairy and in front of the dairy was a" Caur stoap" where we waited to go into the toon,  I hope someone can verify all this."

WEBMASTER : well, can anyone confirm or add to May's comments?                         

I took this photograph from roughly the same spot as the old one above.....some difference!
Queen Mary Street School peeking through the trees




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