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 Streets of Glesca  

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Madras Street taken at junction of Mill Street looking south towards Newhall Street, this side of the street has remained virtually unchanged since the late 1930's. The other side of the street, the even numbers, however has changed beyond all recognition.....see below

Photo of numbers 22 & 18 Madras Street.


Extract from messageboard, Maureen Winward (Quinn), Morecombe, England, June.2003 
"I was born in Bridgeton, 20 Madras Street left there when I was seven with my Ma, Da, brothers and sister all 8 of us we moved to Carntyne to a 4 in the block thought we were in heaven as I dont know were we all slept but to say we were very happy and I would love it to be the same today as my mum and dad are now dead. For myself I live in Morecambe, my husband Alan and I, him being an English man poor sod not his fault. Lived a lot of our time in the middle east I still come to Glasgow now and again as I have my sisters Margaret and June still living there and my friend Kathy also from Bridgeton the moral to this story is I love Glasgow and I am very proud to have been born and brought up in Bridgeton. My mother and father were Mary and Eddie Quinn... salt of the earth.
.reminisce 1
I remember in our wee house in Madras Street my big brother, Malcolm Quinn used to have doo's outside the bedroom windae and many a battering I got for letting them out! He is 63 now and lives in Blackpool and still has some doos, never could understand why people liked them so much?
I am laughing here now as I can still see his face and remember running doon the stairs before he killed me! "
reminisce 2
well Wull I remember when I was about 6 or 7 my pal Kathy and I used to get up to some tricks. As you know there was a lot of tin baths around then, this day my big sister Margaret and my cousin Jean McLeash were meant to be watching me and my two wee sisters. Anyway me and my pal Kathy were hiding under the bed at the time in a tin bath, when our Margaret and Jean were talking about there boyfriends, Alex Mcleash and Jim Mallon, well they has us killing ourselves laughing when they were talking about them winching them!  All off a sudden the bath was dragged out and boy did we get it of them!  We all still talk about it today and it never ceases to make us laugh but if they only knew we weren't that daft not to understand what they meant, but its a great memory to me to remember the laughing that when on in that wee hoose in Madras Street.

The view from ' 20 ' Madras Street 
looking over to Madras Place


Extract from messageboard, Trisha, North Lanarkshire, Jan.2003 
"...I was born in 1959 oldest of five children, two younger brothers and sisters we lived in Madras St. 




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