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Streets of Glesga ...........London Road .........The New Monaco Bar

the closed 'New Monaco Bar', Bridgeton at London Road,  photo taken from Arcadia Street


Some Glesga Pals have fond and not so fond memories of the 'Monaco Bar'..
Oct.04 Extract from email Jim Dillon, Glasgow
In 1974/75 the wee band I was guitarist with - White Magic - played in the New Monaco Bar for almost a year.. We moved there from The Fireman's Club.. just before the club burned down... I have attached a photo.... when we were playing in the New Monaco...
Singer, Ian Hollis is now dead but was very well known in Bridgeton.. He came from Green Street.... I am the one with the long hair.. playing guitar just behind Ian.
It would be interesting to know if, after all this time we are still remembered.. so could this photo be posted?
Suffering now for all the fun we had back then.... Now got health problems etc.... . but.... I would do it all again!


Oct.04, Extract from Glesga Pals messageboard, Nell, London
Ma Mammy used tae work in the Monaco Bar in the early eighties at that time it wiz Big Frank and Margaret who owned it. Ah dont know their second name but Margaret wiz Margaret Todd frae Madras Place and related tae me through ma Stepda. I
but ma Mammy liked working therr and liked the folk that came in, she said they were aw characters in their ain wiy. Ma Mammy wrote a big long poem aboot aw the people that drank in therr when she worked therr, a went therr wance and personally the decor left a lot tae be desired.
Ahve picked a couple of the funnier verses from a very very long poem ma Mammy, Jessie Fitzsimmons, wrote aboot the Monaco Bar when she worked there.:-

....and what about oor Tommy Drummond, he sit and sips big pints of lager
commenting on the types of play I think he's jist a nagger.

Then there's our bosses Frank & Margaret A really smashing pair to serve
but big Frank always seems tae get right oan wee Margaret's nerves.

Then there's oor big Danny He's always of good cheer
I wonder if its all because he's fu' of the German Beer.

There's a punter called Johnny Hastings he likes a hauf and a hamlet
but he canny make his mind up if he's oan the booze or aff it

Then there's quiet Davie Breen he sits wi his hauf like a picture
but if he's stiys in that coarner much longer he'll become a permanent fixture.

On Sunday there's a sing song and the punters like tae sing
you get the Country & Western cowboys and the golden oldies ring.

There's big Davie McMahon he's musically inclined
but methinks his ta-ra-ra-ra-ra-ras are a wee bit oot of time.

There's my friend Peter he likes pint of heavy
he left the Weavers tae come here cos the Monaco's better bevy.

Now there's this guy Thomas he hasn't worked fur years
He's oan the social and poverty stricken  but he's aye goat the price of a beer.

Jessie Fitzsimmons ( nee McKay ), was born on 24 Jan1929 she was married twice and had six weans, Helen & Jessie to her first husband James Wilson Cairney and twins Charles & Betty and Thomas to her second man James Fitzsimmons who came from Madras Street. Jessie died on 2nd August 2000.

Oct. 04, Extract from Glesga Pals messageboard, Mamabear, Northern Ireland
.my ma worked in the monaco as well way back in the sixties the other barmaid was called Dot funny enough when my ma showed me an auld photo she was wearing a sixties style polka dot dress my ma,s name was Margaret Owen,s married name Don

Oct.04, Extract from Glesga Pals messageboard, Missy, Glasgow
ah used tae go tae the Monaco wi ma late husband an ah hated it cause ah always thought it wis a durty wee pub. When aw ma pals an me used tae go oot a night we used tae go tae the --majuca. in Dalmarnock Rd then it goat as bad as the Monaco bit ah must say we hive a lot o happy memories o both pubs cos although they wurnae aw that clean the staff wis always great fun
Oct.04, Extract from Glesga Pals messageboard, Sparky, Rutherglen
remember the Monaco from the late 50's when the Arcadia Picture Hall was open opposite it and the Monaco was still part of a three-storey tenement. There was a knitting shop beside it too and on the opposite side at Templeton's corner a large Cafe that sold good Ice Cream.  For years latterly, it had cut-price beer. Now, it is empty and I think for good.


 'New Monaco Bar' lounge entrance from Abercromby Street, Templeton's building in the background.




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