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Muslin Street is named after the closely-woven unbleached or white cloth, produced from corded cotton yarn, introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th Century. Muslin was often used in cooking and cheese making and for wrapping foodstuffs.   


Street names in the Bridgeton area often reflect its industrial past and those pioneer industrialists who put the area on the map. Some are self explanatory Cotton Street, Poplin and Muslin Streets are obviously named after the fabrics.


Muslin Street / Reid Street video 1963

by GlesgaPal John Caldwell,
Australia, March 2008

Hi Pals. Jist a wee glimpse from oor bedroom windae at 57 Muslin st "Brigton". This was taken in 1963. I was trying out my new camera for the first time so the quality is not the best???. The real blurry bit is my wee brother Arthur running across the road. Wished it could have been better.

May 2002
Muslin Street taken at junction of Old Dalmarnock Road looking west towards Main Street.



Extract from e-mail, Thelma Thomson (Greenlees), Brisbane, Australia, Sept.2002 (email tba )
I just love the photographs of Bridgeton. My Dad John Greenlees lived at 2 Muslin Street until he came to Australia in 1924. His mother and sister stayed in Bridgeton until just prior to the Second World War. Dad attended John Street High. Dad's Great Grandfather had a weavers shop on the corner of Muslin Street & Main Street in the 1800s..... I have visited Bridgeton a couple of times. It was amazing the first time - I just caught the bus from the City and was able to go straight to Dad's place just from remembering him speak about Bridgeton. Although he was in Australia for 50 years he still had a broad accent and was always a 'Brigton Boy'.." (E-mail: tba )

Extract from e-mail, Bernadette May, New Jersey, USA, July.2002 (email tba )
"How about that crabby old woman who ran the sweet shop at the corner of Muslin St and Main St and looked at us all like we were shoplifters when we went in. Remember her?
I went to Sacred Heart and to Charlotte St.  I grew up on Reid St in the late 60s early seventies.
Your memories certainly brought back more, esp of other people I used to know there."



Muslin Street on a winters evening in January 2004 looking east towards Dalmarnock Road.
The high rise flats are in Ruby Street.


Extract from guestbook, Agnes Caldwell, Western Australia, Age 51-60 Feb.2003
Born Muslin Street.. It is so good clicking on this site every day and seeing new entries but as yet no one i know. I know all the streets that they name but just not the people. I enjoyed the story about Templetons and how her Grandmother survived only to pass away three weeks later from the effects of the fire,that was so sad,and all those other poor families loosing their loved ones. I had never heard of that fire until i read Mary's story and i bet there are a lot of other Glaswegiens didn't either.
My Ma and Da told us kids (there where six of us)John,Rosemary,Charles,Lena,Arthur,and myself lots of stories about their lives and growing up and we used to sit there so engrossed,and sometimes in fits of laughter at some of the situations they got themselves into. One my Ma told us was when she used to do cleaning and she was coming home one night and she saw this little brown parcel,she bent over picked it up and put it in her bag and couldn't wait to get home to open it,she caught the tram and i think it was the longest ride she ever had,she got off the tram rushed home ( i think she beat the one minute mile )got in the house took the parcel out of her back and started to open it, untied the string,then unwrapped the paper,( are you excited yet ? :o) ) when she opened it staring up at her was a parcel full of "KEESH" "JOBBIES" "POO"...:Oh Her disappointment was overcome by laughter, she saw the funny side of it.. 
My Da was putting emulsion on our lobbie walls he was up the steps with the paint pot sitting on top of the ledge of the steps when my sister Lena who was only little at the time ran through from the Scullery knocked the steps the pot of emulsion all over her red hair,and my poor Da on the floor crying out in agony as he did his back in,but no,did everyone run to my Da's rescue????All my Ma could shout out was THE WEAN, THE POOR WEAN get her in the lavvy...everyone rushed to pick her up and near trampled over my poor wee Da..After getting all the emulsion out my sister had a beautiful shine to her hair for weeks.
.My Da ended up with a beladona plaster on his back..( gee they stink ). My Da drove the bus that went to Castlemilk to pick up and deliver the cleaning,the company was called Bowies,he had a Megaphone which he really didn't need as he had a loud enough voice,he would shout out...BOWIES FIR CLEANIN.and all the housewives would come out of their houses with all their clothes to drop them off or pick them up,and tell my Da all their worries and problems either about their husbands,kids,or neighbours but he never listened to gossip,he didn't like that..He used to take us kids ( the younger ones ) with him when we where on school holidays (one at a time)and let us do the shouting through the megaphone,i think to this day that is how i got my loud voice. :o)..Anyhow i'm away..
Look forward to reading more stories from "All Ma Ain Folk"..  Thanks Webmaister for making this all possible..



 Muslin Street looking east towards Dalmarnock Road. The Job Centre/Social Centre now dominates Muslin Street in my day it was the big church on the other side of the road, now long gone, sadly

Bridgeton Job Centre Plus Office. Benefits Agency,  9 Muslin Street, Glasgow G40 4AZ
taken 12 July 2007

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