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     Streets of Bridgeton 

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Nuneaton Street was formed on the property of the late George Wilson, coalmaster and his widow, who had gone to reside in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, thought so much of it that she named the new street after it.  The name comes from a nunnery founded by Robert, Earl of Leicester.
(origin of Glasgow Streets, Hugh MacIntosh)

Extract from e-mail, Rebecca Gresty ( nee Aird ), Leicestershire,  October 2002, 
"I was born in 246 Nuneaton St, and attended Dalmarnock School. this site is absolutely brilliant and has brought back so many memories of life in the tenements. Great job Webmaister."

Photograph of John Aird, 1953 hingin' oot the windae of his 3rd storey hoose.
Extract from e-mail, Rebecca Gresty ( nee Aird ), Leicestershire, Mar 2003,
"......the picture of my Dad looking out the window has come out really well, it is 38 years since he died. I can tell you it was so moving seeing him on the website like that. I can remember that day he had that picture taken and I remember many a time we would lean out that same window looking up at the night sky and talking to each other and him telling me he loved me all the way up to the sky and back down again...... I have kept this up with my daughter and grandaughter and always told them I loved them all the way up to the sky and back down again."


              Shops / houses in Dalmarnock Road between Dunn St and Nuneaton St.
From the picture below these shops / houses would be just along to the left 

All demolished.

(see Dalmarnock Rd  
photo taken 2002 
for comparison)
6  Jim Forrester
Nuneaton Street, photo taken from Dalmarnock Road.
All the tenements, the Plaza picture hall, the shops have been replaced by trees and industrial units.
A real shocker this photograph for anyone who lived here
Difficult to make out, but the grey building at the very end of the street is Celtic Park football stadium.         

                                                                                                                                           11th. May 2002

See street photo from c1925


Extract from e-mail, George McCallum, East Kilbride,  July 2002  (email tba )
"..I was looking through the memory lane and wondered if anyone remembers the PENNY GANDY? Theguy used to come round the streets with his horse and buggy and for a penny you could go round the block. My trip was down Mordaunt Street to Baltic Street, up Nuneaton Street then back to where you started. All of five minutes for a penny, was this magic or what......"        
Extract from e-mail, Jimmy Murphy, Glasgow,  August 2002,  (email tba )
"I remember staying in Nuneaton St, when I was about 9 or 10 I fell on the spikes that were roon the back. (that wis sore) shortly after that they cut all the spikes off the top of the railings.
Nuneaton St was a very busy street, My uncle Charlie had the cobblers shop there, we had a picture hall (The Plaza) a pub on every corner (almost) a cafe, butchers bakers and naw nae candlestick makers. my Ma still lives in Brigton (Ruby St Flats).  I Am 51 now and I remember the lucky middens like it was yesterday. (maybe it was)....."





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