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Reid Street        

11th. May 2002     Reid Street looking south..


 Reid Street.  Sacred Heart Primary School

Sacred Heart RC Primary School.                   11th. May 2002
Reid Street looking north, picture taken at junction of Dale Street.

Old Dalmarnock Road

11th May 2002
Rear view of Sacred Heart school from Old Dalmarnock Road, next to the chapel. .


Extract from E-mail July 2002, Marie Milne (nee Reilly), Ontario, Canada. 
"..I was a pupil at both Sacred Heart primary and Secondary and left Scotland in 1971 to come to Canada. I've had a pretty good life so far. I think this is a wonderful site with lots of very interesting stuff, I especially like looking at the old photos and my goodness do they make me feel old. I think it is so sad how the life seems to have gone out of Bridgeton, I had a great time growing up there and at one point we lived on Main Street and absolutely loved hanging out the window watching people walking up and down. I didn't like helping my mum with the messages on a Saturday because the bags were too heavy but it sure made for some sweet memories........we were richer then than our kids are now and we didn't have a bean!...............

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