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Streets of Bridgeton                                        


Stevenson Street......Bridgeton Telephone Exchange

Bri Exch 2002

Photographs taken from Abercromby StreetBri Exch

Bridgeton Telephone Exchange, British Telecom...........dialing codes (0141)  550, 551, 554,556

I worked in this exchange in 1972/3, very happy memories. In those days the Telephone Exchange was 'electro-mechanical' and a large number of technicians were required to keep the network running, compared to nowadays with electronic unmanned exchanges.
The exchange was always busy and full of practical jokers...aye it was a good place to work in.
    Some names I remember when I worked there, in alphabetical order :
    Richie Aire, Gordon Blyth, Gerry Boyle, Bobby Cavanagh, Charlie Cochrane, Danny Fus, Russel Harris,
    John Lochrie, Pat Kane,  Dougie McGaw, Pat McKenna, Jack Mellish, Willie Money, Frank Nawn,
    Andy Stevenson, Jim Turnbull (man in photo) and oor auld cleaners
    ( well they seemed auld tae me ) Tommy & Charlie

We had a wee cleaner, Charlie an elderly man, who liked a tipple.......especially on a Friday, as was the norm in those days. One day we were all working at our posts when it became apparent that we had a problem......smoke was rising up the stairwell from the cable chamber. The cable chamber is below ground level and a very important part of the exchange. One of the technicians ran downstairs to find wee Charlie sitting on a stool alongside a wee wummin he had brought back from the pub! It was cold so they had gathered some paper and bits of cable and started their own wee brazier to heat themselves!


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