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Streets of Glesca's east-end......Calton                                        

  Sydney Street


Extract from Messageboard Aug.2005
This photie shows the last hooses 
remainin' in Sydney Street in the Calton. 
Hauf o' the hooses up the No. 3 close 
wur left staunin' in a' ther solitary glory 
fur a while. This wis said to be because
the owner of the building ( reputedly the
proprieter of The Wee Man's Pub roon 
the coarner in the Galliegate ) widnae pey
the demolition costs. Ennyhoo, thae're no 
therr noo. It wis a speshul buildin' fur me 
cos, on 17th of October, 1928 Ah wis 
boarn in the left-haun single-end oan the 
furst storey. A few years later we moved 
tae a room-an' -kitchen juist above whaur 
the Rothman's advert is shown . Then in 
1936 the Jeffrey Faimly wis rehoosed tae 
The Garngad whaur, bliss sublime, we hid 
oor ain indoor lavvy. Incidentally, some of
the Sydney Street weans in the rerr photie
wur also boarn in this buildin'. 
Awrabest, Glesga Pal Lobeydosser


Sydney Street looking north towards Duke Street. Nothing much left I'm afraid but spare ground. Seventy odd years ago when the photograph of the children in the street was taken there would have been tenement buildings, housing all they weans!
Background in this photo top left is the Necropolis, top middle is Tennents Brewery.
The church opened in November 1858 and united in February 1926 to form the Sydney Place and East Campbell Street United Free Church. It took is final name, Trinity Duke Street Church, when it merged with Wellpark Free Church in 1949. It closed for worship on January 25 1975 and became a hostel for homeless men for the next 21 years until it was finally closed following a fire.


Extract from e-mail, Jim Jeffrey, Dec 2003
Webmaister: From yer pictures Ah kin see whaur yiv pit yer wee motor, bit whaur hiv ye pit ma wee street?
In yer pictures,Ah think Ah see the hin' end o' Sydney Place Church (later known as Trinity Church) up on the right. This wis oor faimly church. Maist o' the Proddy weans in the Sydney Street fotie would have attended Sunday Schule there. The Minister wis Duncan Dewar Duncan an' he wis a fine man
Oor Kirk wis built in 1857 an' wis described " as a lush Grecian " which was greatly favoured by the United Presbyterian congregations at the time.
Marion has mentioned oan the GP messageboard that she was present in this church in a ceremony in connection wi The Queen's Coronation.
Noo,Ah ken yer a dab haun wi' cameras , long-distances lenses an' ither accoutrements,Webmaister, so it makes it difficult fur me tae figger oot whaur ye stood whin takin' yer pictures o' ma street.
It wid brek ma hert if ye tellt me ye were locatit at the coarner o' the Gallowgate an' Sydney Street. Because, that wid mean thit a' the wee waarm hooses in which we bairnies used tae cuddle doon at night, an' a' the wee nooks an crannies whaur we played hide an' seek, hid gaun like snaw at the thaw.
Ah wis boarn in 1928 at number 3 Sydney Street, wan of four generations wha' lived up the same close at the same time. We wir a' poor financially, but rich in spirit, maistly.
My early days were happy, except for the time I caught Scarlet Fever about four years of age. Ah remember a' the people waitin' at the close mooth where stood the Fever Van. The hush wis like a funeral as ah wis pit intae the Van an' wheeched awa' tae Belvedere Hoaspital. Ah wis nivver the greetin, oar complainin' kind o' wean, bit ah felt abandoned.
Wan day, we were a' taken oot oan tae the big lawn, an' a wee while later, a big airship/Zeppelin flew right ower the tap o' us. Everybiddy wis cheerin' wi excitement, bit, it didnae fizz oan me,'cos a'thit ah could think of wis gettin' hame tae ma mammy an a' ma pals in Sydney Street . Regards, Jim.

Webmaister: the bad news is this is Sydney Street taken half way up from the junction of Armour Street
From the Gallowgate ( which was 'behind' me ) all you see is spare ground, just about everything has been demolished... horrendous isn't it?   " Oh where is the Glasgow...."


Extract from e-mail, Jim Jeffrey, Dec 2003, 
"Hello Wwebmaister,
while looking through some old photos, I came across this one of Sydney Street weans---"The Pride o'The Calton." I'm the wee boy kneeling on the right of the front row with his finger on his cheek.  My older brother Frankie is sitting at the  right end of the second row.  I think he's holding a deck of cards, or a pile of cigarette cards. Since I look like a three-year old, this photo must have been taken in 1931 or 1932.
Noo, yer daein' a rerr joab wi the website, bit ye've no tae kill yersel daein' it......With Best Wishes, Jim Jeffrey."



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