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   Streets of Glesca's east-end


Whitevale Street 

Whitevale Public baths

Whitevale Baths old


Whitevale St c1914
Whitevale Street scene taken from the Gallowgate in 1914.

Feb,2018, Email, Alex Hannah, Age 84, Bracknell, England
Hi where can I get a copy of the photo as shown on GlescaPals   tfamily used to live one up and the the close was  just after the shops on the right almost under the awnings of the said shops. Even any photo of that tenement would be great.
Dont think much of the building that replaced the original, Still have great memories of the red sandstone house we lived in!  Any information about getting hold of a photo would be magicical


Whitevale St May2004 - GlescaPals
Whitevale Street, photograph taken from Gallowgate, May 2004 
All that remains from the 1914 photograph is the Whitevale baths but sadly time has not been kind to it and it lies derelict.   The street is dominated by two tower blocks each 32 storey high built between 1963 and 1969.
The building formerly housed a swimming pool and turkish bath. It was closed in the 1980s
I attended these baths regularly as a member of the Boys' Brigade c1965-1978


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