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As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below” is an original painting by the author William M. Neilly, aka ‘glesca artist’. It was rendered using acrylic inks and acrylic paints on canvas board measuring 508 mm x 406 mm (20” x 16”) in August 2014.  The painting represents the Hermetic maxim: “As above, so it is below". 
This principle denotes that everything on earth is a microcosm of the universe; that mankind is both God and the universe in miniature and, above all, that there is a path by which man can access his Deity.
“As Above, So Below” primarily reflects the entire teaching of Blue Lodge Freemasonry but it also encompasses elements of: Astrology; Numerology; Sacred Geometry; Gematria; Tarot; Kabbalah; Tetragrammaton; Biblical and Masonic Testament events.
The author, who is a Mark Master Mason, unlocks the secrets of “As Above, So Below” by providing readers with his interpretation of the symbolism used in his painting.


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ISBN – 9781798562048

Format: Colour interior on White paper; 94 pages; 5” x 8” (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

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                                              my painting
apronas above so below
As Above So Below painting was signed and dated by me in August 2014.

My painting was inspired by the artwork on the Masonic apron given by:
General George Washington to General William S. Schuler, a member of his staff, c1770 
Between the expansive and containing columns, symbolized by the Sun and Moon, which embrace all the paired opposites of the universe, the central balancing column of human consciousness is depicted as a temple of several storeys within which the individual has access to the Deity.  As Above So Below  summarizes the entire teaching of Freemasonry which conceives the complete human being as having a body, a psyche (soul), a spirit and a contact with his divine source.

  About the Author
(glesca artist: b.3/12/47 -  d.25/2/21)
glesca artist
William Murray Neilly, aka 'glesca artist', was born and bred in the East End of Glasgow.  He graduated BSc Civil Engineering from the University
of Strathclyde and worked for over three decades as a Chartered Civil Engineer in contracting and local government.  After retiring he overcame his partial colour blindness and learned to paint portraits, animals and landscapes.  This self-taught artist's cityscapes of Glasgow in the 1950s and 60s are admired by collectors in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America.                              

April 2019

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William Neilly... 'glesca artist'

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