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.... the Orange Ludge and 'bauns' in Glesca's east-end

...a social history of Glesca's east-end

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 Billy Boys


The Wilson Memorial Flute Band marching along London Road at Bridgeton Cross cc1963.
Willie Wilson, who the band was named after, can be seen in the Billy Boys photo taken in 1935
His son,Willie Wilson is leading the band in this photo, uniform was brown trousers with a cloth stripe up the side.


Bridgeton No Surrender Flute band 'The Noey'

Old photograph of 'The Noey' in full flight.
The mace or stick man is about to throw the mace into the air and note the crowd of followers on the pavement.
The 'Noey' had a large following, a typical blood & thunder flute band who always gave it plenty! 


Billy Alexander Memorial Flute Band from Bridgeton
 at Blythswood Square, Glasgow in 1968

  Difficult to pick out names because of the formation of the band so see silhouettes below:
No.15 with his hat tipped back is Alex Wilson who ran the band, taught the flute and generally looked after everything.
To the right of Alex Wilson is No.16 'Bobo' and beside him is No.17 is Stanley Coulter
  Back row fifth from the left No.12 is bass drum player Hughie Wilson.
  The Malcolm family from Bridgeton were a strong 'Orange' family and there are 4 Malcolm's in this photo
  Last man on the right wearing a collarette No.20 is side drummer Bobby Malcolm,
kneeling in front of him to his right No.7 is his nephew fluter Billy Malcolm.
  Billy's brother Jackie Malcolm, mace man is No.21 the back man behind the bass drum. 
  Drummer Bobby Malcolm's young son Bobby is No.4 at the front holding the triangle.
There is also three members of the Scott family







19 20. Bobby Malcolm sen 21. Jackie Malcolm 22 23 24
13 14 Billy Scott 15. Alex Wilson 16. Bobo 17. Stanley Coulter 18
7. Billy Malcolm 8 9 10 11 12. Hughie Wilson



3 Billy Scott sen

04. Bobby Malcolm

05 Willie McArthur

06 Andy Scott


         Jan.2014, email, Gary Scott, Glasgow, Scotland
                 Hi there, The photo of " BILLY ALEXANDER MEMORIAL FLUTE BAND 1968 " on page 2 of the
                 ORANGE LODGE photos... the SCOTT family is in it , William ( Billy) is no 3  he is my father and Billy 14,
                 Andy 6 my older brothers, i hope this helps you,  many thanks...Gary



 No date for this photo, it looks like the Billy Alexander Memorial FB marching west along Sauchiehall Street opp Royal Crescent




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 Billy Boys