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Streets of Bridgeton

  Olympia Street at Bridgeton Cross  

Bridgeton Cross looking east along Olympia Street. 
                         The Bridgeton Public Hall building has been long replaced by trees!

The Lino shop............its been here forever!    This is also the spot of the Bridgeton Taxi rank.
The Salvation Army building is now Olympia House an Orange Hall the sign says 
"The Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland"
Olympia House.
The large boulder on the bottom right of the picture is inscribed "MILE-END Quarter"
I don't know where this came from but I measured the distance from Glasgow Cross to this spot at Bridgeton Cross and it is about a mile in distance.........hence mile-end? Also its almost a mile to Dalmarnock Bridge from this spot
You can imagine in the old days walking from Glasgow Cross and getting to this spot "Ah well that's a mile-end!"

The famous ABC Olympia picture house....ah I remember the ABC minors....
The Olympia theatre opened in 1911 seating 2000! It was taken over by the ABC chain in1924, closing in 1974. It became a bingo hall until the late nineties, then a furniture store.... but is now closed. The facade is a listed B building.
The first junction on the left is Orr Street.



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