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 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives.


..Jeannie & Jessie Wilson 

Here are  two of the 10 children from the Wilson family from Swanston Street, Bridgeton
Jeannie & Jessie Wilson

The two sisters were very close to each other and worked in one of the  Bridgeton mills. They both married around about the same time and had their first child within three weeks of each other one of whom was GlescaPal Marion McCaig who lives in New York....she sent me the photos!
Marion's mammy Jessie lived at 53 MacKeith Street, Bridgeton  was married and widowed three times, and had seven children......whilst Jeannie lived at number 50 Milton St, Cowcaddens was married and widowed twice and had two children.
They both worked as cleaning ladies for years in various offices and houses and continued to keep in close touch with each other until Jeannie died suddenly in 1992, aged 81, needless to say Jessie was heartbroken. The photograph was taken in Saltcoats round about 1990 when Marion was home on holiday.


Jessie Wilson Harvey, 89yrs old 9th.Oct.2002

Marion McCaig ( nee love ), New York, USA
"I took this photograph on my mum's 89th birthday she is only a wee thing, 4'7" and just under five stone......but she could tober us up nae borra ataw! "



Marion McCaig .....a GlescaPal getting a wee hurl in the bluebell !
She was over from the big apple visiting her Mammy, wee Jessie, and very kindly
 arranged to meet me and took me tae the pictures and bought me sweeties !
Noo is this no' whit GlescaPals is aw aboot?
She has been in America for over thirty years, but ah'll tell ye this there is 
not a hint of American in her accent.


Jessie Wilson Harvey 1913 - 2006  

Sadly Marion's mammy Jessie died on Feb.2006. aged 92 yrs. 
The funeral took place at Linn crematorium in Glasgow on Saturday 11th Feb.2006 
and was well attended by family and friends, Marion had flown in from America to be
with her mother in her last days.
Jessie was a wee kind soul much loved by many and a fitting tribute was read out 
by the minister, a loving letter for Marion's daughter, 
dear Jessie's granddaughter Carol.

My dearest Gran
The memories I have of you are so numerous, and so profound. You being here on this earth made such an impact on my life, such a difference. Only that you can know now .... today!

I think back on the life we've shared ( though not enough ) and you meant the world to me. You showed me so much, told me so much, and taught me so much in my life. What you 'showed' me was the importance of life, not just 'existing' but living it to the fullest ...what you 'told' me in my life has stuck with me to this day. Everyday for the rst of my life, I will recall something that you said to me, something you did, that has stuck with me and made a very positive impact on my life. What you 'taught' me is insurmountable! You taught me by example .... how you lived your life. You gave it your all. lived it to the fullest, no matter what you were faced with. You not only taught me that, but you installed it in your own children. You suffered and persevered through a lot of grief in your life. You had a lot of hard times, but never let them get you down to the point that you couldn't survive. Your grief was your own, your pain was your own and your love for everyone was shared. You my dear Gran lit up not only my life so very much, but the lives of many others... more than you will ever know.
I have so many memories of you! Do you remember posing on the swing at May & Jim McAlpine's in a bikini, IN YOUR 60's! What a glamour girl you were! I remember all of the weekends we ( my brothers and I ) spent with you. I hated your tea ... too strong for me ( a child at the time ). I've rarely drank tea since, but today .... I put the kettle on and had a cuppa for you.

Your love of history (at least ours anyway) was passed on through you, to your daughter, my mother, and to me! Guess what I loved the stories you used to tell me too. I paid attention whether you knew it then or not, and that gift, that love of family history that you had, has been handed down.

You've had a hard life at times, the cards were not always dealt in your favour, but the legacies you have left with all of us will continue .... if I have it my way. You and your daughter, have taught me this..... you are nothing without your family, friends and the love of both. Well, if that's what defines a person, then you, my dearest Gran ... YOU were and indeed are, a very 'rich' person. I know that I am richer for knowing you. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Look around you now ... look what you have done, what you have accomplished in your life. You left behind a legacy of love, humour, forgiveness and a childlike ideology of what it taks to live and be happy in this world today ... if I haven't said it recently Gran ..... I wish I were more like you. I love you with all my heart .... I always will.

Your very grateful granddaughter

My thanks to GlescaPal Bonny for all her help and my sincere condolences to GlescaPal MarionNY 
I hope in some small way this tribute page to her Mammy will bring comfort and happy memories, 
and what lovely heartwarming words from a wee lassie tae her granny, a credit tae ye Marion


Extract from messageboard, March 2006, MarionNY
Hi Pals--thanks so much for the welcome hame. I'd like to take this opportunity tae thanks yese aw fer the words of comfort (which OorBonny printed oot an' gave me at ma mammy's funeral. Thanks hen fer yer thoughtfulness)
To ma pal OorWull, the webmaister a million thanks for putting my daughter Carol's tribute to her Gran on the website. What a wonderful thing you did and one that all of my family will be eternally grateful for. What a job you did my friend and I understand with help from Bonny, many thanks to you too hen.
My daughter was heartbroken that she couldnae get tae Wee Jessie's funeral, but what you both have done has brought it home to her in a lovely, special way. Your kindness has been exceptional.
Chrissie I know I've said this elsewhere, but thanks for the beautiful basket of flowers you sent--if any one thing could have brightened a very sad day for me, it was those flowers. I've been told that my face was a study when the driver handed them to me, lol!
Anna hen, thanks for thinking of all my family even though you weren't feeling too great yourself. Your cards to each one of us were very up-lifting.
If I have left anyone out please forgive me, it's impossible to name each one of you, but please know that I will never forget the kindness and thoughtfulness of my GlescaPals family.
PS. Thanks for remembering me on my birthday too. Believe it or not, it WAS special this year, just as ma wee Mammy would've wanted.
Loatsa hugs and kisses.....Marion xxx


 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives


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