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Bud with his pal in Scotland gie'in it laldie,   1994

  The Blacksmith & the Miner          hear the song
I wrote this for my two grandfathers who had so much in common. Both had families of ten, lived through the depression and gave me many fond memories.
A glass of brew, a song or two, a story of the old days
A fob and chain, a mild refrain, a frown upon the new ways
A pride of race, a warm embrace, a friendly knee to sit on
Auld knicknacks, an auld shoe box, clay pipes to puff and blow on
   I see them now, with furrowed brow, 
   The Blacksmith and The Miner
   Those two auld men, there likes again, 
   The lord will never make finer.
A fireplace, a wise auld face, a keady tilted slightly
A thoughtful gaze, a smoky haze, an auld pipe puffing lightly
A common bond, emotions fond, a strong arm round my shoulder
A country walk, a manly talk, advice on growing older
Respect from men, a brood of ten, two women, Kate and Mary
A sober word, faith in the lord, religion on a Sunday
A world at war, cold hunger's stare, depression in the twenties
The general strike, auld Churchill's spite, hard toil and trouble plenty



Webmaister & Bud
I had the pleasure of playing along with Bud at the first GlesgaPals swally held in the Scotia Bar on January 2005.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
See webpage "a moment in time"




 Scottie was my aunt Sadie Nugent. She lived in 
 Halifax Nova Scotia for 40 years before she died of
 cancer about 1994. My maw, Jeannie was with her 
 to the end and brought her back to Scotland to be
 with her ain kind. This is her song.

...........hear the song..............
 So here you are Scottie, it's been quite a while
 How are things going, I've been missing your smile
 I hear the fight's over, you didn't quite win
 Ah but never mind Scottie, you're back home again

 Take a look 'round you Scottie, your ain folks are here
 You're safe in the fold now, there's nothing to fear
 Kind hands will attend you, warm hearts will show care
 Feel the love of your people, your journey is oer

 So rest now my Scottie, your Jeannie she's near
 Her love will be with you throughout the long years
 Your exile is ended, no more will you roam
 Oh the dark hills of Scotland now welcome you home.


 As you come down off the great Rannoch Moor into the Valley of
 Glencoe, there are 3 mountains on the left called the Three Sisters. 
 I often wondered what secrets they hold.

Oh see yees noo the windswept moor wae craggy rock & purple flooer
 Oh see yees noo the eagle's lair and hear the growling thunder
 Ye sentries o" the brooding glen, ye sentinels o' heilan men
 Ye guardians o' the sullen ben, awaken fae yer slumber.

 Oh hear yees noo the howling gales that lift away your misty vales
 Oh hear yees noo the haunted wails o' innocents and warriors
 Oh tell us noo your awful tale when Willie signed the order foul
 Oh tell how proud McDonald fell tae murderers and traitors.

 Ye sisters o' the somber face, ye watchers o' the quiet place
 Ye mourners o' a once proud race, your silence stays unbroken
 If you could talk what words would fall, what deeds & tales could you reveal
 What secrets 'neath your bosom's swell forever lay unspoken.



Patrick      hear the song
wrote this song for my father, Patrick Kelly, one of life's true gentlemen.

I remember well when I was young and you told me of the days
Of when you were a lad like me in so many many ways
The century had just begun and the world was still at war
And your parents had to work and slave to keep hunger from the door
To keep hunger from the door.

When the second war erupted in the year of 39
To fight for Queen and country you were called to serve your time
they used you for to fight their war but when of age you came
They frowned upon your right to work because Patrick was your name
Because Patrick was your name

You struggled hard throughout your life from the day that you were born
Till finally you gave up the fight your body tired and worn
From working in the steelmills where, you always gave your best
I can proudly say you paid your way and deserve your blessed rest
And deserve your blessed rest

I often muse o'er bygone days and have happy memories
Of singing songs of Ireland at night beside your knee
My life is all the richer now for your example shown
But I miss you sorely since you've gone and I often feel alone
I often feel alone

I miss you for your honesty and I miss your sound advice
And though I often scorned your words, too late I now think twice
But I was young and headstrong then and went my own wild way
And I'd give the world if I could here your voice so dear today
Your voice so dear today

Oh the years roll past and the days fly fast since you left this earthly home
It's too late now for words unsaid and intended deeds undone
I thank you for my heritage and I thank you for my name
And your memory I will cherish dear until we meet again
Until we meet again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Bud with his granddaughter Hannah - Feb.2005

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