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  GlescaPals get-the-githers  
People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals...aye GlescaPals.


GlescaPals official 10th hoose party - Swally 2009      25 Sept



  pre- hoose party meal at the Tivoli's chippie

  GlescaPals 'Dazzle' Pre-Hooseparty Fish Supper tea 4.00pm.  Dazzle booked the Tivoli in Stockwell Street Glasgow.
 The owners made the GPals most welcome and furnished the tables napkins and balloons and his brother
 entertained the company wi' some light opera... yes pop in tae the Tivoli's!


Radio Clyde even sent a reporter along -
here we have Caltoncuddy frae Australia and Beth from South Africa being interviewed.



Dows Bar, Dundas St. Glasgow            25 Sept.2009.  7.00pm till midnight 

GlescaPals from Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leven, Stewarton, Irvine, Prestwick ..... Wales, England, Germany, Spain, 
Canada,  USA, South Africa and Australia were at this get-the-gither !!


. ~

GlescaPals admin team Norrie, Nell, Webmaister wi' Caltoncuddy


Back Hame after 50yrs!

GlescaPal Caltoncuddy ( the big yin in the kilt )  left Glasgow 50 years ago emigrating to Australia and had never been back home until this year, 2009! He was so smitten by the GlescaPal bug that he longed tae come back hame and meet aw his Pals...... to that end his daughters gave him a lovely surprise ... a return flight tae Scotland!
His good fortune didn't end there as he was put up wi GlescaPal Annie and her family, during which time he was taken all over Scotland culminating in his appearance at the GP hoose party!
It was a real pleasure to meet him                                          see Caltoncuddy's GP webpage

A perr o'eejits ! 
Scotty frae Wales and oorWullie frae Germany

GlescaPals Hoose Party 2009 video 1

GlescaPals Hoose Party 2009 video 2

GlescaPals Hoose Party 2009 video 3
GP Scotty, Annie, Robert & Dazzle

GlescaPals Hoose Party 2009 slideshow by Nell
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  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, 
finding long lost pals and making new pals.....aye GlescaPals.




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