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 Skivington Family webpage  by GlescaPal  jojax - 


jojax is a GlescaPal and regular contributor on the GlescaPals messageboard
Originally from Bridgeton but now his home is in Kelso, Scotland........this is Joe's tribute to his parents, Shug & Rose-Ann ..........
.....sadly Rose-Ann died on Sat.28th Aug. 2004 after bravely fighting cancer.


Rose-Ann a wonderful Glesca mammy who lived for her family and always put them first. The family lived at No.6 Savoy Street Bridgeton and I have a wonderful photo which mum was proud of, taken around 1960 of their son Joe when he was 3-4yrs old.
Rose-Ann (Murty) attended Sacred Heart Primary school in Bridgeton see the school photograph of her and her classmates taken in 1946 in GlescaPals.
Her faither Joe Murty was quite a character in and around Brigton and the 1955 photo taken in London of him supporting Scotland is a belter.


This photograph was taken around Xmas time in 1988.
There's Joe's faithir, wee Shug, and Mum Rose-Ann.
Jojax is the good looking guy with the 'tash, and the wee boy is his son, Jamie, who is now almost 20 years old!!


This 'grainy' photograph was taken after Joe's wedding in Hawick, 1990.
The bonny girl sitting beside her Mum is Hilda.
Wee Shug's 65th birthday was in 1995 and what a surprise he got!


Extract from e-mail, June 2005, Joe Skivington, Kelso, Scotland.
Hi Wull, Through the wonder of GlescaPals, ma faither and ma sister travelled through tae Glesca (Mitchell Library) on Wednesday night. The old man met 2 first cousins that he never even knew existed! Ma younger cousin, incidentally was one of the cabaret acts on Wednesday night, so she treated the entire party to free tickets and VIP treatment. Ma faither reckons it was one of the best experiences of his life, and all due to the success of your website. I thought you would be chuffed to know.
   Best Wishes.....Jojax.
footnote: Shug Skivington died 21 June 2013.  r.i.p. pal.


 Various photographs from the GlescaPals archives


Skivington family webpage designed June 2004



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