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           A social history of my Glasgow


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*Brownies from 1947-1955
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*BB Dalmarnock  96th
*East-end Polis station
*St.Francis church inside
*Sal.Army christening cards
*Main Street army HLI 
*Templeton workers 1948 
*Sail doon the water Waverley
*World championship bagpipes

*Special Olympics 2005
*Our Lady of fatima  chapel
*Orange Lodge in Glesga
*St Mungo's Academy  1894
*Sacred Heart School  1936
*Kenny Dalglish footballer
*Henry May VC. WW1
*Whitevale Baths photos
*Celtic park London Road
*Greenhead church
*Dalmarnock Rd Aerial photo
*Glesca Green washing lines
*Burns Club 1904 medal
*Glesca Green Gymnasium
*Springburn Park 1946
*Billy Boys 1930's photo
*Boys' Brigade tribute


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Extract from e-mail Nov. 2002, Betty Barbesin (nee Hudson), Ontario, Canada  (email tba )
"Best website I have seen, and the pictures of the kids and the school are great.
I attended John Street Primary.... I first lived on London Road, right next to the Olympia Picture Hall, moved to Barlanark, (posh eh!)....then I  left in 1967 to Canada...where I have been ever since.  The last 5 years I have been flying over to Glesca every June to visit my mother who will be 91 this year, aye, my heart still belongs tae Glesga...thanks a million webmaister for this fab site which I have now put into my favourites.
Extract from e-mail 31st Dec. 2002, Margaret, Australia  (email tba )
"Hello Webmaister, thank you for taking the time to answer my email so quickly, much appreciated!!!. I can understand the work you are putting into your site, and doing a great job, you can tell that you love it, it does come across......I don't know if you know the feeling that you give to people (especially ex patriots like myself). A friend told me about your site and when I went in,
I was so absorbed and I got this wonderful warm feeling, just going back and reading the comments and to know that there are others all over the world who are trying to keep in touch, you are achieving this. it is my pleasure writing this to you Wull, you deserve the praise.
I have passed your site on to friends, and I certainly will keep coming back...... you've hooked us all (ha).. god bless take care. all the best to you and yours for 2003, from us here in Aussie. lang mae yer lum reek. 


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