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"We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns"
Rev. John Thomson was the minister in the early 19th century of Duddington Kirk from 1805-1840, a church set at the foot of Arthur's Seat not far from the centre of Edinburgh. The story goes that he was so highly regarded in the parish that even those not members of the Church of Scotland would say, 'We're all Jock Tamson's bairns'. Walter Scott was an elder of the church, and Thomson was a close friend of the painters Turner and Raeburn, and this may well have helped popularise the expression.  Its also reputed that the minister called the members of his congregation "ma bairns"
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The Bible on one page   
The Bible on one page

Bridgeton Parish Church
Bridgeton Parish Church
   Church of Scotland

   Dale St. 

Bridgeton Methodist Church
 Bridgeton Methodist Church

   Landressy Street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Baptist Church  
   Bridgeton Baptist

        Orr St.

Church House, Boden St  Church House, 
  Bethany Hall, 
Boden Street, Bridgeton

Calton Parkhead Church, Helenvale St     Calton Parkhead, 
    Church of Scotland

       Helenvale St.

Bridgeton Greenhead
UF Church 

Tullis Street.

Dalmarnock church, Fairbairn St  Dalmarnock 
  Congregational church, 
Fairbairn Street

            Dalmarnock Parish
Springfield Road

Fairbairn Free Church, Baltic St  Fairbairn 
  Free Church, 
Baltic St opp Fairbairn St

Greenhead Church, London Rd  Greenhead 
  Church of Scotland, 
London Road

 Hall Memorial Fairbairn Church
 Summerfield Church  Church of Scotland    
 Dalmarnock Rd / Summerfield Street

  Hood Memorial
  Congregational Church 
  Muslin Street

London Road United Presbyterian Church, 1875.  UF Church,  St.Clement's C of S

newlands parish church, London Road  Newlands East Church,
967 London Road

Our lafy of Fatima  Our lady of Fatima 
  RC Chapel, 

 Millerfield Road

  Parkhead Congregational Church
77 Westmuir Street, Parkhead

Sacred Heart chapel  Sacred Heart 
  RC Chapel & inside
Old Dalmarnock Road 
    Sacred Heart  Procession

St. Alphonsus   St. Alphonsus 
    RC Chapel, 
London Road

St Clement's Brook St St.Clements 
 Church of Scotland, 
Brook Street
         ( Christening Cards 1928-1933 )
  ( Christening Cards 1936-1941 )

St Francis in the east St.Francis in the East 
  Church of Scotland, 
Queen Mary Street
 (Church House youth club)

Bain Square Church  St.Lukes & St.Andrew's 
  Church of Scotland, 

 Bain Square, Calton 

St Margaret's TollcrossSt. Margaret's Tollcross Park 
Church of Scotland, 

 Braidfauld St, Auchenshuggle 

St Mary's chapel, Abercromby St  St. Mary's 
  RC Chapel, 

 Abercromby Street & inside

                     St. Michael's Parkhead 
                     RC Chapel

St.Thomas C of S
 St. Thomas Gallowgate 
   Church of Scotland

                      Tollcross Central Church,
1089 Tollcross Road

.     Weddings

Church Notice:  
When you were born your parents brought you here
When you were married you joined your partner here
When you die your friends will bring you here
Don't wait for the big events, come this Sunday!


.......let us pray......

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 The Passion at Glasgow Cross



Church of Scotland website RC church website
Glasgow Presbytery  C of S  

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 Cambuslang, Flemington-Hallside Church

 Cambuslang Parish Church

  Cambuslang, Halfway to Heaven

 Cambuslang, Baptist Church 

  Cambuslang, St.Brides Chapel


 Rutherglen, Old Parish Church 
  Rutherglen, St.Columbkilles Chapel  Rutherglen, Stonelaw Parish Church
    Glasgow's east-end                     Page1   Page2


Lord, Let Glasgow flourish By the preaching of Your Word And the praising of Your Name. - The full Glasgow Motto

."Lord Let Glasgow Flourish by the preaching of Thy Word and the Praising of Thy Name"
is the
 of Glasgow and was inscribed on the bell in Tron Tower in Argyle Street circa 1663
 however it was shortened in the 1960's to the
shorter "Let Glasgow Flourish." 
The shorter motto can be seen as part of the Glasgow Coat of Arms which may be seen
on the side of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall at the top of Buchanan St. 




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