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  Hall Memorial Fairbairn Church   




665 Dalmarnock Road  (corner of Dalmarnock Road and Summerfield Street, Dalmarnock)



GlescaPal Jeanwg 

Seen here 17 Sept 1968 standing on the
 Hall Memorial Fairbairn
church steps is
 newly weds Ron Goodwin & Jean W Myles.

  Ron was born at 179 Dalmarnock Rd and
  spent his early years in the east-end before
  his family flitted to East Kilbride in 1954.

  Jean was born and brought up
  in Dalmarnock she lived at
  609 Dalmarnock Rd, 17 Birkwood St 
  and 131 Summerfield Street.
  She was 20 years old when she moved
  to Summerfield Street and at last said
  goodbye to the "auld tin bath" and lavvy
  on the stair landing! 
  Jean attended
Springfield Primary School
  then  Riverside Secondary School.

 Jean & Ron moved to Aberdeen when they married in 1968 and have two grown up sons.

I'd like to thank Jean for the photo of the Church's well worn steps & door, anymore photos out there?
And 38 years later ........ Ron & Jean

Ron & Jean taken in Amsterdam, Easter2006, the family celebrating
Jean's 60th birthday along with their sons Grant & Greig

September 2008 their Ruby wedding

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