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Linda McA

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Wassel McA

Sonny Evans

Beana Rankin

Molly  Rankin


Clan McArthur





My Great-Grandparents, John and Robina Rankin married 31 March 1905
had 9 children,
all born in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland



  See Rankin family tree


John Mullen, Jimmy Rankin, John Rankin
      William Evans        Robina Rankin 
nee Colville

1. John Mullen my Great Grandparents son-in law he married my Great Aunt Molly.               
2.Jimmy Rankin my Great Granda Rankin's brother.
3. Great Granda John Rankin
4. Great Granny Robina Rankin 
5. William Evans ( bottom left ) my Great Grand Parents son-in-law he married my Granny Agnes Rankin

This is the only picture I have ever seen of William Evans, my mother's Dad. He died in 1940 when my mother Nessie was 8yrs old.


My Granny, Agnes Rankin, supplied a lot of this information in her 96th year!
She recalls that there was approx  two years between each of her brothers and sisters.  9 Children.
 Agnes Rankin  
born 30th April 1905, 1:00am at 51 Harvie Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow # she was the last survivor of the Rankin children and died 26th Sept 2003 aged 98 yrs
Agnes married twice and had 2 children to her first husband William Evans :-
my mother Agnes and William ( known as Sonny ).
And one child Hugh to her second husband Hugh Lavery.

# Harvie Street was renamed to Fairbairn Street.
Johnny Rankin born 3rd Aug.1907, 8:00am at 17 Harvie Street, Bridgeton he was a music hall artist and died aged thirty on 16 Jan 1938
Robina Rankin 
born Robina Colville Rankin on 26 Feb1909, 7:00am at 17 Harvie St, Bridgeton
She married John Lewis on 27 Sept 1929 at the Guthrie Memorial Church, Moncur St, Calton, Glasgow. They had two children :-
Lily & Ruby
Molly Rankin
born Mary McGough Rankin on 9th Feb1911, 3:30am at 17 Harvie St, Bridgeton. She married John Mullen on 27 Aug.1937 at St Francis-in-the-east church of Scotland in Queen Mary Street, Bridgeton. 
They had four children :-
Ruby born 28 Apr 1940, John born 14 may 1941 
May born 4 Jun 1943, Janet born 18 Jan 1949    
Jessie Rankin  born Jessie McGurk Rankin on 25 Jun1913, 6:30am at 9 Dunn St. Residence 19 Martin St. Bridgeton
Archie  Rankin born 26 Jan 1915, 5:30pm at 19 Martin Street Bridgeton
James Rankin  born 8 May 1918, 8:30am at 19 Martin St. Bridgeton died aged 22yrs old.
Bobby Rankin 
born 1st Jan 1921, 4:30am at 19 Martin St. Bridgeton
David Rankin born David Maughan Rankin at 11 May 1922. 1:30am at 19 Martin St. Bridgeton.
David died of pneumonia aged just 7 months on 5th Dec 1922
All of the Rankin children are dead.


GAunt Molly & GGranny Rankin
Great Aunt Molly with her Mother, my Great Granny, Robina Rankin (nee Colville)

Picture taken 16th October 1965 at the wedding of my Mum's
 cousin, May Mullen who married Alex McCulloch.

  Who's who.....

Top of the picture is my Granda Hugh Lavery
  wearing the bow-tie,
middle Willie McLean 
  and my Mum's step brother Hugh Lavery.

  Granny's daughter-in-law  Melba Lavery
  Great Aunt Robina Lewis
and my Dad Jimmy McArthur.

 Front row, my Granny Agnes Lavery next
 to  her mother my  Great Granny Rankin.

Three children are 
 Joan McLean
, Linda McArthur and myself.
 Behind Joan is her mum Lily McLean.
 Behind me is my Mum Nessie.




  30th Aug.1979  John Lewis his wife Robina Lewis (nee Ramkin) and her brother Bobby Ramkin
                                                           My great uncles and great aunt

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