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Helen Griffiths (nee Campbell)   1922 - 2008



GlescaPal Lizzy's mum,  Helen Griffiths (nee Campbell) died Feb.2008 this is a wee tribute to her life and family....


Helen Campbell, was born 25th May 1922 in a wee kitchen in Pollokshaws, a kitchen where her dad was also born!

This is a photo of Helen's grandparents on her mother's side Catherine and Francis Meechan taken approx 1900 in Neilston




Helen's parents were
Thomas Campbell and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Mechan.

This is a photo of Helen's mother Elizabeth
taken approx 1915, she was born in Neilston 1893.
Sadly Elizabeth died aged 40 of breast cancer.





Helen never got over the death of her mother, her dad wouldn't let her or Tom go to the hospital to visit their mother  because of the horrendous pain she was suffering then and one day he came home from the hospital and told them their mum had died. 
She never got to say goodbye to her. 

Helen Campbell and her wee brother Tom
taken cc1927 in Jerome's studio, 
Argyle Street, Glasgow, near Charing Cross

She would be about 5 yrs old in this photo.

Helen remembered taking the tram up to the studio with her parents and her wee brother Tom. 
Tom was wearing a Tussore silk suit and he was about 2 years old when the photograph was taken. 
They had a really close brother and sister relationship and there wasn't a year went by that they didn't go to each others houses at Hogmanay. Unfortunately Tom died cc1988 with a massive heart attack and is sadly missed. 

had quite a hard life, when her Mum died she was only 15 and she had to give up her job to look after her dad and younger brother Tom who at that time was 12 years old. 


Helen 1945 aged 23yrs


photo Helen & John Griffiths wedding day 1947
married at St Mary's Church in Pollokshaws


Helen married a Pollokshaws man John Griffiths and as her mother was dead,  they moved into the wee room and kitchen next door to the kitchen where she was born, with her grandfather and her brother Tom. 

There was a sense of duty in those days for women to look after the "men" in the household and when their son John was born in 1948 then Elizabeth (GlescaPal Lizzy) was born in 1949, the tenement was overcrowded, however, her brother Tom joined the army which gave more space in the house.

Helen's father  lived with the family all their lives and Helen was devoted to him, he died aged 75 of a heart attack in 1963. 

Her brother Tom never returned to Pollokshaws, he married Ella and settled in Clydebank.

Helen gave birth to David in 1960 but they only spent a few more months in Pollokshaws before moving as the council decided to demolish the Pollokshaws tenements.
The family moved to Nitshill in 1960.
Lizzy couldn't believe she had my own room and there was no need to place the tin bath in front of the fire, we had a bathroom!!   ( They hated Nitshill, despite its mod cons).

Helen & John were great bowlers and were members of the Nitshill & Hurlet Club and won loads of trophies. The Pollokshaws Club hold a competition every year called the John Griffiths competition and the winner receives a trophy in remembrance to John. Helen & John moved to Pollok in 1980, they were only there a few months when John died of a heart attack.

Helen & John were proud to be at their daughter
Elizabeth's wedding in December 1979 to Ray Pickering
Elizabeth, GlescaPal Lizzy's parents are sitting to her left.


Helen met Freddy Nicoleti in 1986 and although they never got married, he remained her partner until he died in 2004.  Helen was devastated.  Freddy died of Asbestosis.  He worked in the shipyards in Govan and was a welder and the doctor said he had seen many cases of his type of shipyard workers.  He was diagnosed in February 2004 and died in April 2004, it was terrible to see him going down so fast. 


 Both Helen and Freddy were  involved in community work in Pollok and they set up a scheme to build the Neighbourhood Centre in Lever Rd, Pollok.  It was opened in 1996, Freddy was the chairman and was the treasurer and Helen was involved in the centre until her chronic bronchitis took it's toll.  It was a great achievement and the family is rightly proud of their efforts to build it.  The centre provides all sorts of classes for the community from Keep Fit, Dancing classes, and children's clubs. 


photo taken of Helen in 2005 




Helen with her Grandson Martin
( Lizzy's son)

Photo taken at her flat
in Pollokshaws in 2007

Helen's chronic bronchitis got steadily worse and sadly she died on the 4th February 2008, aged 85yrs

Her daughter Lizzy loved her wee Mammy dearly and misses her every day, she asked me to
design a webpage in her Mammy's memory and it has been a real pleasure for me to do this



April 2008. GlescaPal Lizzy, Cambridge, England
"Hi Webmaister, Ah canny believe what you've done and the tears are running down my face at the sight of seeing ma wee mammy on GlesgaPals, the place where I've tried to get her connected to for years. I'm so touched Webmaister by your kindness and the work you've put into this, all I can say is a big thanks from the bottom of my heart and I really appreciate it.
Thanks so much and keep everything on this special page you have dedicated to ma wee mammy, she'll be singing her heart out. Love Lizzy"

I sent the webpage to some members of my family and they think it's beautiful: one comment was:-
  What a lovely remembrance page - nice to see all this history and memories.
another :  Lovely photos, Liz. A nice memorial for your mum
another : Really nice reading about your Mum. Webmaister did a great job.I had a wee lump in my throat too .

It's great that I can go on the link of ma wee mammy and see her wee face again, it's something so special from a very special man.
Luv ye Lizzy
April 2008. GlescaPal Nell, London, England
Fitting tribute to a lovely wummin, I had the pleasure of meeting Lizzy's wee Mammy, Helen and she wiz a wee darlin.Aw ra Best, Nell
April 2008, GlescaPal Carlin, Leven, Fife
"I was supposed to be staying with Helen last year when I came through for the official swally - but Lizzy couldn't manage to come to Glasgow that time. See what I missed!!! She looks a right wee Glesca Mammy, doesn't she? A lovely tribute Webmaister. I was speaking to Lizzy on MSN when she got your message last night, and the tears were tripping her, she couldn't stop bubbling - I think you made her very happy." ;)
April 2008, GlescaPal Josie, California, USA
"I had to go away for a cry seeing lizzy,s Mammy ,great tribute webmaister ,one minute i,m laughing the next crying that,s what i love about the GlescaPals,feels like one big family"



..... a lifetime entry in GlescaPals..........details .





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