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  Railway Stations.... 


Dalmarnock Railway Station

 photo 1967 courtesy Norrie & mustang  .

Dalmarnock Road railway station junction of Swanston Street taken 1967

Older east-enders will remember using Dalmarnock Station through this frontage when the low level steam trains were in use before Beeching's axe*. The circular manhole cover in front of the station is in fact a tramway duct which was in use before the trams were also axed in 1962.
*Beeching - Dr Richard Beeching was appointed chairman of the newly formed British Railways Board in June 1961 by the Minister of Transport and 'left' in 1964, during that time the railway system was radically overhauled with many thousands of tracks being closed. The "Reshaping of British Railways" in 1963, more than 8,000 miles (12,875 km) of track and 2,000 stations were closed at a cost of nearly 70,000 jobs..


34 years later in 2002...

Swanston Street taken at junction of Dalmarnock Road  looking south. 


Dalmarnock Railway Station



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