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email the WEBMAiSTERMost of the early early coloured street photographs in the website have been taken by myself.
I thank all those who have donated photographs and I know from your e-mails that you are delighted to have the facility on the website to display your photographs to the world. 
The old school class photographs have been wonderful and many have contacted me thanking me for this lifetime honour, the gift of a timeless photograph on the web, which their family, children, grandchildren and friends can enjoy.

Many of the others have come from a selection of books that I have read over the years and these 
older photographs have been used to good effect to show a comparison between then and now
  Old Bridgeton by Eric Euson
  Old Parkhead by Charles McDonald
  A history of Bridgeton and Dalmarnock by Gordon Adams
Oot the windae by David Reilly
  The Virtual Mitchell Library

I am also very grateful to everyone who has contributed with their memories, stories, songs, poems etc.on the now famous GlescaPals messageboards especially Mr.Ronnie McPhee who has been a great contributor.
The GlescaPals Messageboard has been wonderfully served by my admin Nell & Norrie.
More recently I have added a GlescaPals Facebook group and my thanks to everyone who contributes.
Special mention also to my big pal Jas, who has been a source of great encouragement and help. 

Glesga folk

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