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  Miltonbank Primary School  1953-54 Milton, Glasgow


School photograph sent to me from GlescaPal, Norrie, June 2005

miltonbank 1953-54

1 Headmaster:  
   Mr Murcheson
2 Charles Crane
7 George McNee
3 Ian Henderson
8 Martin Willis
4 Victor Thomson
9 William Maxwell
5 Jim Martin
10 Neil McCallum
6 Alan McTurk
 Miss Stalker (Teacher)
1 John Gunn
6 Walter Robertson
2 Jim Hamill
7 Ian Hewitt
3 Malcolm Hewitt
8 Douglas Shaw
4 Norrie McNamee
9 Frank McInnes
5 Fraser Gaunt
10 Gordon Lyle

2nd Row
 6 Catherine Black

1 Margaret Smith
 7 Desney Rogers
2 Isa Ferguson
8 Elizabeth Waugh
3 Jeannette Kane
9 Gwen Edgar
4 Rose Hannah
10 Irene Kelly
5 Norma Gunn
11 Ann Smith
1 Ted Milleken 2 Mary McCartney 3 Irene Kane 4 Mary Taylor  5 Caroline Jess 6 Ann Findlay 7 Drew Boyd



April 2003, Extract from email, GlescaPal Norrie McNamee, Rutherglen, Scotland
Hi there Webmaister, I found your wee gem of a website by accident, I was looking for cinemas and up came your site. My hobby is photographing and collecting photographs of cinemas.
Webmaister : aye pals that was in 2003 one of my first e-mails from Norrie, now a GlescaPal of good standing!
April 2014, extract from email, Ann Finlay Taggart, Ontario, Canada                                  
I recently visited your website re: Miltonbank Primary School the pictures posted 1953-54 and 1956-57 I am in, my name was Ann Finlay
(no "d") I would very much like a copy of these photos.

See Norries other class photograph from 1956-57


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