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Streets of Bridgeton     

Landressy Street    Page1      Page2     The 'Workies'

Landressy Street

Photo taken from London Rd looking towards James St.              photo D.McCallum 27 Jan 1974
 The domed building at the end of the street is the Bridgeton Methodist Church
 (called the Ebenezer Hall )
Behind the lorry to the right is the Masonic Hall which was owned by Lodge Union & Crown No.103. They sold the hall in c1984. The lorry is parked outside a shop and close entrance to the church hall. This building became the Apprentice Boys Hall before finally turning into a pub called the Keystane.
The church is Bridgeton West & Barrowfield Church of Scotland which closed in the 1960s the congregation having moved round the corner to Greenhead Barrowfield Church in London Road.
Left side of the photo is the Bridgeton Working Mans Club, founded 1865 opened in these premises in 1899.

Email, Apr.2009, Jim Turnbull, East Kilbride
  .....the lorry is parked outside a close, a sweetie shop was to the left and the right inside of the close was the entrance to the church hall which I used in the 1960s when a boy in the 219th Boys Brigade, there were tenements above the hall then.... "
~ ~ ~
Email, Apr.2020, Willie Green
"I have attached a photo taken during WW1 of my grandfather JAMES ALEXANDER GREEN who was with the Machine Gun Corp. He is standing at the back of the group who I suspect are the machine gun crew. The photo was taken somewhere in Italy.
my grandfather lived in Landressy Street, Bridgeton and died in 1949."
After my grandfather died, my grandmother stayed on in Landressy Street (No 111) until she died in 1967. My Aunt Sofia Morrison and her husband Peter Morrison and their 4 children also stayed in the house in Landressy Street."


Photo below taken in 2008 and sadly in 34 years not much progress has been made and if anything the street looks worse. The churches and halls on the right hand side have all gone.  The Keystane derelict building still stands and at the James Street end new flats have been butil, replacing the Working Mens Club.






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