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                                                                                                                                                                          Glasgow, Scotland, UK 
official website - a social history  
a website for families and pals all over the world
to share memories and photographs of Glasgow  
- and especially its east-end and Bridgeton
. Take a walk down memory lane with Old Glasgow Memories, childhood memories,
& School photographs, games, food and songs of bygone days of yor.

GlescaPals motto: "Learn from the past, use well the future"

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covers the whole of Glesca ....
photies, stories etc)  


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Take a walk doon memory lane ......

auld Glesca memories, childhood memories, recipes, games,
jokes, stories, food, poems & songs of the bygone days of yor

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 Streets photographs
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over 400 ! 

Memory lane


Streets of Glasgow's east
                                            end....old and

see what the auld place looks  
like past & present

old & new Glasgow
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see yer auld school and 
CLASS photies

Take a walk down
                                              Memory Lane
take a walk doon
 memory lane

Councillor George Redmond, Bridgeton/Dalmarnock ward
Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

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GlescaPals is a social history of Glasgow with a compilation of stories and photographs from myself and pals from all over the world. I was born and brought up in Glasgow's east-end, Bridgeton - a well known district of Glasgow  and take great delight that this website has brought the history of my area and surrounding areas into the homes of people all over the world. GlescaPals has reunited many long lost friendships and relations and many have made new pals through the GlescaPals website, guestbooks and messageboards.
Glasgow - known as Glesca (Glesga) - is my favourite city, I hope you get enjoyment from my website, spread the word, have a wee blether on the messageboard, leave a message on the guestbook, but most of all - enjoy yersell!.

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Glasgow  (Glaschu in Gaelic; or Glesca/Glesga in Scots)

GlescaPals  or  GlesgaPals    we are all Pals    


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This is an unofficial, non-profit, & non-commercial, hobby website, intended for social history use. No copyright infringement is intended. The photographs (those not taken by myself) have been collected over the years from many different, & often unknown, sources. If you are the copyright owner of any photo on this site, please contact me and I will credit your name. Or if you object to it being used, I will of course remove it.                              

(All photographs sent to me and publicised on this website can be used by me)




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